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V-220 SLV Blister Set


Moderate fine dust, oil and water-based mists are typically used during plastering cement, sandblasting and wood powder processes. When used correctly, masks in the FFP2 class provide effective protection to the user up to 10 X OEL (Nominal Protection Factor). Valved Masks; It provides comfortable breathing by preventing the temperature in the mask from rising.

Starline dust masks provide effective protection against dust exposure and generally against fine dust, solid and liquid particles. It is produced in 3 different models with valve or non-valve options for the user to breathe easily. 3 different model options are CE certified. With the protection classes with FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 options, you can find a more comfortable and safer working opportunity in the areas you will apply.

* Please get support for dust and gas measurement from institutions and organizations that are required to choose the right dust mask. Be sure to apply the correct dust mask in the right areas.

 Protection Class FFP2 NR D
 Property With Ventile
 Carton / Package Quantity12/2 Piece

EN 149 2001+A1:2009

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