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Our Social Responsibility

Our Social Responsibility
As the family of STARLINE, we are aware of our social responsibilities. Regarding this issue, we have made and will continue to make investments in various cities. As a company, we attach particular importance to schools and libraries for next generations. We are proud of having contributed to the society by initiating such projects as Hacı Hatice Turgut Anatolian High School and Hacı Nazım Turgut Primary School in Adana. We have various projects pending to be carried out in the future. We have certain projects especially for universities and secondary schools at issue. In addition, we are organizing seminars and training programs in order to raise the awareness of the society regarding occupational accidents as well as to explain the importance of protective equipment. We expect that our activities in this field will continue more loudly in the future. We are aware of and standing by our responsibilities. We are aware that as STARLINE, it is our responsibility and duty to protect people.  We are a company that is deeply committed to this feeling and sense of responsibility. As a family business, the sense of long-term responsibility has been important to us from past to present, and we will hand it down to next generations by properly meeting the requirements of such sense of responsibility. Our purpose is to have a brand which has economical, ecological and social responsibility.

Our Social Responsibility
We are friendly to the environment. Ecological awareness and sensitiveness is rapidly increasing everyday across the world. We delicately undertake responsibility and carry out activities in terms of environment too. We attach as much importance to environmental awareness as we attach to our consumers and employees within the scope of our company policy. Besides continuously advancing our performance and quality against our rivals, we also make an extra effort to ensure that our employees and the environment are protected. We attach utmost importance to environmental protection as STARLINE family. At the same time, we are proud that our employees fulfill their liabilities in this regard too... The primary issues we attach importance to are as follows:

  • To motivate our employees in terms of environmental conscience as well as to have qualified and committed employees,
  • To maintain the safety conditions under which our employees work at the highest level,
  • To keep the use of natural resources at all stages including storage, transportation, product development and shipment at the lowest level.

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