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Occupational Health and Safety

It is a field of science dealing with resolving or reducing health problems and occupational risks that workers are exposed to because of physical environmental conditions in the workplace during working. It is defined as a field of science examining the factors and conditions that affect the health and safety of all people (workers, temporary workers, subcontractor employees, visitors, customers and any person in the workplace) that are affected by the activities of an institution.

* Methodic operations that are performed for creating a more humanitarian working environment and protecting people from conditions and dangers that can damage health and arise in accordance with the operation of works in workplaces.

* In the general sense, it is the whole of precautions based both on protecting the employees (Work Safety) and safety of the whole business and production, in other words protecting the surroundings and environment.

* It is a notion that provides health and work safety for workers working in the workplace, in other words, sets forth taking precautions for every kind of risks such as work accidents and occupational illnesses that can occur in the workplace, meeting all the conditions concerning this matter, providing all equipment that can lend assistance in performing these goals; where generally the employer is responsible for performing all these and/but wanting the employees to follow the procedure and conditions relating to precautions set forth before.


Some Factors Affecting Worker’s Health Negatively Are As Follows:

  • Working in polluted air or unnecessarily hot and humid environment,
  • Insufficient lighting,
  • Too much noise,
  • Works that tire body, eyes and/or ears intensively,
  • Work pace,
  • Little opportunity to take breaks,
  • Night work or shift works,
  • Heavy working conditions,
  • Workplace atmosphere’s being nasty and all negative factors that can cause work stress.

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