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Work Accidents and Costs

Direct (Visible) Costs;

  • First respond, ambulance and treatment costs,
  • Payments of temporary or permanent incapacity to work or death payments,
  • Pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages paid to the worker or his/her relatives,
  • Compensations paid to the insurance.


Indirect (Invisible) Costs;

  • Loss of a part of or whole institution, machinery, process or factory,
  • Workforce and cost loss because of worker's not working in the production,
  • Legal costs (Law court),
  • The cost caused from the new worker’s low efficiency if a new worker is required for the work,
  • The cost of overtime caused by the accident,
  • Time and cost loss because of the cease of work in this department during the accident,
  • Cost caused by the reparation or purchase of a new machine because the process, machine or counter is damaged partially or completely,
  • Product or raw materials’ suffering damage,
  • Direct or indirect slowdown strike of workers because of dispiritedness,
  • If a new worker is needed, the cost caused by the time passing during the training of the worker and while the worker learns the work,
  • Time spend and financial loss relating to bureaucratic procedures,
  • Losses that will be incurred because the orders are not delivered in time

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