İş güvenliği ekipmanları

MK-09 / Red


It has an adjustable headband. Thanks to its up and down adjustment, it is suitable for many head types. Provide full spectum attenuation, as well as superb low frequancy attenuation. Extra wide ear cushions for best comfort. Stainless steel heanband distributes weight for low pressure fit.

Earmuff Fitting Instructions

1. Adjust the headband by pulling the center band out equality on both sides.

2. Ensure no hair or jewellery are left inside the earmuff cushions.

3. Fit the earmuff over the ears ensuring a tight fit around the ears.

4. Ensure the earmuffs completely surrounds the ears.

5. Press down on the headband to obtain a snug comfortable fit.

Material ABS
 SNR 25 dB
 Carton / Package Quantity 60 / 1 Pair
Standard EN 352-1


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