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E-636250 Cotton Heat Glove

Usage Areas

These gloves are especially designed for applications exposed to heat in bakeries and bakeries. It is also used in many industrial welding operations, transportation and cutting of metal parts, installation and coating processes, heavy metal operations, injection molds, cold and hot parts use, repair mining, cargo handling and iron and steel industry. It is suitable for use in automotive and iron and steel industries during deburring and hot metal operations and when working with sharp edged sheets and metals.


These gloves are made of 4 layers of cotton / polyester and fibrous fabrics resistant to heat to protect against thermal burns in extremely hot environments. There are low-conductance fibers placed between the heat-resistant cotton outer layer and the comfortable cotton inner layer. Due to the inner lining which is absorbed by the nipple, excessive sweating of the hands is prevented. The gloves are well insulated and anti-static.

It is coated with NITRIL patterns that provide strong grip on the surfaces.


Polyester and heat resistant fiber lining provide excellent comfort during applications where objects are held.

Liner Material Cotton Fabric
ColorWhite + Bordeaux (S)
Size10 / XL
Package72 / 1 Pairs
CategoryCAT II
 StandardsEN 388:2016 (1342X)
EN 407:2004 (X2XXXX)
EN 420: 2003+A1:2009

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