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EKS-335 Tripod + EKS-335 Crane Set

Tripod YK T 21

Usage areas

The TRIPOD is a piece of personal protection equipment; it should be allocated to a single user (it can only be used by one person at a time).
But the presence of a third party is necessary during rescue operations by raising.
User safety relies on the effectiveness of the equipment and full understanding of the safety instructions contained in this leaflet. Product markings should be checked periodically for legibility.


Two heights are available, 7ft and 10ft. Load-lifting capacity is 135kg. The strength of the anchorage point is over 13kn. The maximum loading capacity is 500kg. The weight of the tripod is 13kg for 7ft and 15kg for 10ft. The height of the tripod can be adjusted between 7ft- 1.15mt and 2.15mt and between 10ft- 1.9mt and 2.9mt and can be nested. The footprint is 1.5mt for 7ft and 1.8m for 10ft.

It is used for lowering and removing people and loads in confined spaces. Load-lifting capacity is 135kg. Two lengths are available, 20mt and 25mt.

Number of Packages1 Each

EN795  CLASS B (Tripod)

EN1496:2006 CLASS A (Crane)


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