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E-135625 Nitrile Glove

Usage areas

Manufacture of wood, wood products and cork products, manufacture of paper and paper products, manufacture of iron, steel and metal products, manufacture of general purpose machinery, manufacture of transport roads such as aircraft, railways, automotive, building and non-building construction works, transportation and storage works, It is suitable for use in works requiring grip during the manufacture of glass and glass products and in mechanical works.


These gloves have strong grip properties for holding objects in dry or wet environments. Thanks to its HDPE + Fiberglass lining, it provides protection against cuts, abrasions and punctures. Thanks to its black nitrile coating, it offers liquid impermeability and superior properties. The second layer of black nitrile is grit like the sanding surface; does not scroll. Fully coated glove prevents liquids from infiltrating.

Lining Material13G HDPE + Fiberglass
Coating Material Blue nitrile + Black sand nitrile
 Color Blue
 Size 8/S, 9/L, 10/XL
 Carton / Package Quantity 60 / 1 Pair
CategoryCAT II
 Standards EN 388:2016 (4X43C)
 EN 420:2003

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