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Welding Gloves / E-073

Usage areas

It is used in welding industries in many industries, in the transportation and cutting of metal parts, in assembly and coating processes, in heavy metal processes, in injection molds, in the use of cold and hot parts, in repair, mining, freight transportation and in the iron and steel industry. It is suitable for use in deburring and hot metal processes in the automotive and iron and steel industries, and for working with sharp-edged sheets and metals.


• These gloves are designed especially in environments where heat bothers.
• Made of high grade of split leathers against.
• Provide suitable protection against tear and puncture.
• Suitable for use in various industries, handling and cutting of metal parts, assembling and covering, heavy metal processing, injection molding, using of hot and cold parts, repairing, mining and iron and steel industry.
• Deburring in the automotive and steel industries and during hot metal operations, it is suitable for using on hard-edged steel and metal working.

 Size 35 cm
 Carton / Package Quantity 72 / 1 Pair 
StandardEN 388:2016+A1:2018 (3122X)
EN 407:2004 (41314X)
EN 420:2003+A1:2009

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