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Occupational Disease

The statement below is in the (B) sub clause of the 11th article of the Law on Social Insurance.

Occupational disease refers to the states of temporary or permanent disease, injury or mental distress which an insurant suffers from, due to a recurrent reason according to the nature of the work that he is employed for or due to conditions of operations. The disputes that can arise on whether a disease that is not included in the list of the diseases determined according to this law is an occupational disease or not shall be settled by Social Insurance High Board of Health.


The Concepts of Temporary Incapacity, Permanent Incapacity, Invalidity:

The state of temporarily having incapacity to work due to an occupational accident or an occupational disease is defined as “temporary incapacity” in the Law of Social Insurance. In the 19th article of the Law, the states when the earning capacity in the profession is reduced by at least 10% due to occupational accident or occupational disease are referred to with the term “permanent incapacity”.

In the same law’s Fifth Section, 53rd article on invalidity insurance, it is indicated that those, who lose at least two thirds of their working capacity or who are determined as they are not fit for work with reports of the health board, after a treatment, even though they have not lost it at that ratio, are regarded as “invalid”.

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