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BS-01 Back Support Belt

Back Support Belt

Usage areas

Waist Support Belt; It is suitable for use in all kinds of jobs that can carry load and lift.


It is used to support the waist while lifting a load and to minimize the risk of possible pain and injury. Easily adjustable shoulder straps and a velcro waistband are available. The weight belt prevents your abdomen from falling forward and your waist from being excessively bent (hyperextension). Supports the abdominal area and lower back during all lifts where the spine is active. You can think of the weight belt as an extra layer of abdominal muscle and an extra waist that support you.

 SizesS/M, L/XL, XXL


. The use of this belt does not impact the requirement for maintaining high levels of physical conditioning.

. The use of this belt will not prevent injury and should not be used to overcome physical disabilities.

. This belt should be used only after receiving training in proper lifting techniques.

. It is recommended that consulting a physician be part of this training especially if you have experienced any pain or discomfort during lifting.

PROPER CARE: Do not machine wash. Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent. Hang dry. 
Do not use bleach.

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