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Since the CE Document (mark) is a mark that is put on products within the scope of some of EU’s New Approach Directives that are binding; the products, which are within the scope of the mentioned regulation and which will be introduced into the market in EU member states, have to carry this mark. Customs Union, which was put into force between the EU and our country in the beginning of the year 1996, provides for the free movement of goods except for agricultural products. With Customs Union, our country gained a different position from third countries in its relationships with the EU. This difference is making the standards determined within the Union obligatory for Turkey too, as well as our participating in full competition with EU member states in goods sales. Within this scope, the process of CE document has been an inseparable part of production in Turkey, and therefore the quality of Turkish goods will increase.

At this stage, the process of CE mark (document), which was obligatory for producers of 23 product groups in Turkey only in the case of exportation to the EU before, will be obligatory for the products that will be introduced into the market in our country too, as of that date. 

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What Happens If the CE Mark (Document) Is Not Present?

The exportation of all products within the 23 product groups for which the CE mark (document) is obligatory is not possible without a CE mark (document). Further, the products’ being introduced into the market in Turkey is not possible either. According to the latest legal changes in Turkey, the product’s having a CE mark (document) has become obligatory. This will be enforced on the products for which the CE mark (document) is obligatory, in time.


The Advantages of the CE Mark (CE Document):

  • The CE Mark enables the free movement and marketing of a product in EU countries,
  • Industrialists are obliged to put the “CE” mark on their products in order to be able to market their products at national and international level.
  • The CE Mark indicates the compliance of a product with the technical legislation of the EU; it functions as like a product passport.
  • The CE Mark is the mark of trust, but it is not a quality brand or a certificate of warranty under any conditions.
  • The CE Mark indicates the level at which quality starts.
  • Goods below this level are qualified as unsafe and cannot be introduced into the market, that is, they are regarded as having poor quality.
  • It is not possible for a product which has the CE Mark to be refused in EU countries with legal reasons regarding norms.
  • The CE Mark is the indication of compliance with New Approach Directives.


Therefore, the CE Certification (Brand) has the nature of a “Passport” for products that are produced outside the EU.

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