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V4TKA Aluminized Clothing

Usage areas

It can be used in iron and steel, cement, automotive, glass production facilities.


It is without pockets and the waist is adjustable. Velcro fastened on the sides of the trousers for comfortable wearing and taking off.
It is produced from non-flammable, aluminized fabric against radiant heat and liquid metal splashes. It is light and comfortable. Provides protection against multiple risks. The products are sewn with non-flammable sewing thread. It is suitable for working in hot environments with its feature of reflecting radiant heat back.
Starline aluminized protective clothing group consists of jacket, trousers, headgear, leggings, apron and gloves.


 Size M, L, XL, 2XL
 Carton / Package Quantity1 Pair 




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