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Chemical Absorbents Peds / NC-4050

NC 4050 Chemical Absorbents Peds

Usage areas

It is suitable for use in the chemical industry, paint factories, pharmaceutical industry, distribution and logistics industries, hospitals and laboratories.


- Collects a wide variety of liquid substances, including petroleum and its derivatives, water and water-based products, acids and caustics.
- Does not react chemically.
- It has a porous structure that provides flexibility.
It is also perforated. If necessary, it can be used in small spills by reducing the size.



 Model Absorption CapacitySizePackage
 NC-4050-200 Light Chemical Absorbent Pad 150 Lt / Package 40cm x 50cm 200 Piece / Pack
NC-4050-300 Normal Chemical Absorbent Pad 100 Lt / Box 40cm x 50cm 100 Piece / Package
NC-4050-400 Dense Chemical Absorbent Pad 175 Lt / Box 40cm x 50cm 100 Piece / Package



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