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Blister Set

Blister Sets


Always use the same type of breathing filter (pair) from one packaging unit.
Does Half Mask Fit?
Appropriate size masks should be selected. If necessary, use an appropriate respiratory connection suitability tester to select the half mask size.
Wearing the Half Mask:
The head bandage should be placed behind the head, while the head bandage should be passed over the top of the ears. The mask body should be placed on the mouth and nose. The ends of the bandage should be pulled and tightened until the half mask fits tightly against the face. The upper and lower band should be adjusted, if necessary, the half mask should be readjusted until it fits comfortably and tightly.

Cleaning: Cleaning immediately after use prevents premature wear. Organic solvents such as acetone, alcohol, benzol and spirits should not be used. All parts should be cleaned with a cloth by adding general cleaning agent to warm water. It should be thoroughly rinsed under running water from the tap.

Disinfect: All parts should be placed in the disinfection bath. It should be ensured that these materials do not damage rubber and plastic parts. It should be thoroughly rinsed under running water from the tap.

Drying: Temperature: max 70C.

 V-800+V-7800 A1P2R 1 Half Face Mask + 2 Piece Filter / With Blister.
 V-800+V-7800 ABEK1P2R 1 Maske + 2 Adet Filtre / With Blister
 Material Antiallergic Material
 Color Gray
 Size M
 Carton / Package Quantity 6 Piece


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