İş güvenliği ekipmanları


These nitrile coated gloves have a rough surface and shiny arm.
The inner lining is 100% cotton. It has excellent wear resistance for chemical work in both dry and wet environments. Gloves can be used in general chemical processes, but are not recommended for long-term use against highly abrasive or strong organic solvents. Gloves offer only limited chemical splash protection and are not suitable for full immersion in chemical solutions. Gloves are acti-fresh / sanitized to protect against microorganisms that can cause bad odors and the risk of infection.

Lining Material Cotton
Coating Material Nitrile
Color Orange
 Size 8-8,5, 9-9,5, 10-10,5
Parcel / Package Quantity 36 / 1 Pairs
 Category KAT III
 StandardsEN 388:2016 (4111X),
EN ISO 374-1:2016 / TypeA (JKLMPT),
EN ISO 374-4:2013,
EN 374-5:2016
EN 420: 2003+A1:2009

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