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General Fire and Height Training / Sivas

General Fire Training and Exercise
Theoretical: This training will be given to your employees to avoid fire. We provide your teams with all the necessary information before and after the fire. In this training;

a) What is fire,
b) What are the types of fire and how to intervene,
c) How to use the fire tube,
d) The duties of the teams,
e) Preparation for fire,
f) What is done before, during and after the fire,
g) Incidents and rescue positions
h) To raise awareness among employees with visual videos,
i) All information to be considered is explained.

Exercise: We conduct fire drills on the pitch. In this exercise, we show the characteristics of the fire tube, how to use it and we apply it to all the teams in order. You can also do application drill with lpg tube.

Evacuation: We are preparing a scenario and under the leadership of the teams, we train all your staff to evacuate the building and go to the emergency gathering area and do all necessary operations. At the end of these three transactions, we prepare a report and give participants a Certificate of Participation.

Personal Protective Equipment Training
We offer the technical knowledge of all products according to EN standards to your experts and top level managers. We identify the personal protectors that employees will need according to their work, explain the correct use of these protectors both theoretically and visually, and provide information on how to clean the products. At the end of the training, participants are given a Certificate of Participation.

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