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The protective helmet, STARLINE 1470 ALT, is designed to reduce the impact of a collision or impact on the level that will destroy or damage the outer shell or inner set. Light and comfortable. The helmet body has holes for ventilation.

It has connection points for headset and face visor that can be attached to the helmet. The 180 ° rotatable inner coating allows the helmet to be used in front and back directions. It can be supplied with a chin strap upon request.

High temperature resistance: -30 / + 150 c

Mm (mortal metal splash)

EN 397 ANSI / ISEA Z89.1 • 2014

Its textile underwear provides comfort for long-term use.


Size Range 53-63
Strap Material HDPE
Material HDPE
Weight 444gr.
Temperature Range

-30ºc / +150ºc

Carton content 30/1 pieces
Color optionsBlack, Gray, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Orange, Navy, White


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